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Fruits For Weight Loss

Grapefruit is often associated with weight loss and dieting and is a medium sized cross between an orange and a pomegranate. One half of a grapefruit has just 29 calories but supplies 65% of the recommended daily dose (RDI) of Vitamin C. The fruit is rich in natural antioxidants, which may contribute to a healthy immune system and prevent diseases such as cancer, high blood pressure and heart disease. There are two common varieties, Granny Smith and Seville, and these have slightly different qualities. Both contain significant amounts of natural antioxidants, which contribute to weight loss and to a healthy immune system. However, the grapefruits are slightly more popular than the citrus variety.

The grapefruit contains large amounts of natural antioxidants which help to fight free radicals in your body and lower the amount of calories you consume. The Seville on the other hand, has a greater amount of fiber, which helps to reduce cholesterol levels. Both fruits contain a large amount of vitamin c, which is known as an antioxidant that helps to protect the body from cancer-causing cells. In addition, Vitamin C deficiency has been shown to contribute to weak bones, weak immune system and general weakening of the body.

Although both fruits are good for your health and contribute to weight loss, they are best eaten in their raw and unprocessed state. When eating a fruit, do so in the fresh fruit form. This will ensure that the nutrients and fiber have not been lost during cooking. If you opt to cook the fruit, you may want to use a pureed, boiled or baked variety. These will retain most of the vitamins and antioxidants and can be used in place of fruits such as oranges and apples.

Although melons are a good source of fiber and have other health benefits, they can also contribute to weight loss if eaten in moderation. Like with fiber, there is an optimal amount that each person should consume to maximize weight loss and reap the health benefits. For best results, eat at least one serving per day. One serving of melons will provide you with around 20 calories, which is well worth the small sacrifice of having fiber.

Both fruits are rich in antioxidants, which play a vital role in lowering high blood pressure. A blood pressure reading may indicate that you need to lower your intake of red meats or salt but eating fruit alone without a significant amount of salt will help keep your blood pressure in check. Low blood pressure is often attributed to high cholesterol levels. Reducing your cholesterol levels can drastically lower your blood pressure, especially if you include nuts in your diet. Nuts are a healthy choice and have been proven to lower cholesterol levels, so replacing red meats and salt with nuts can also benefit you in your weight loss endeavors.

Another great food to add to your weight loss menu is rhubarb. The bitter taste of this vegetable drives away hunger, and it has been known to help slow down fat conversion. This includes suppressing the appetite for more calories. Many people who struggle with their weight may find that they eat more when they eat this tasty vegetable. Because of its low-calorie count, it is helpful in weight loss.

While many diets consider fruits to be best fruits for weight loss, some individuals may find that they do better on a mixed diet. To make the best choices for your own weight loss goals, do not eliminate any vegetables from your diet, and include as many as possible. Be sure to add a few vegetables to your daily meals so that you get the most nutrients from them. One vegetable that is high in calcium is dark chard. Because of its rich mineral content, it is recommended by some dietitians as a part of a healthy diet. Other vegetables that are high in iron are spinach and Swiss chard.

Some fruits that are considered to be good for weight loss include strawberries and blueberries. Because of their high water content, these berries are excellent before or after a workout session. They also have a high fiber content that helps suppress appetite. Some other fruits that are high in fiber include prunes and pears.